Special Treatments:  Resurfacing Treatments and Microdermabrasion help reduce the      appearance of pore size   All Inclusive Treatments  $65.00
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These 5 peels  cause dryness  & minor flaking
Vital C : Mild, For Hydration and Antioxidants
Ormetic Organic Full of passion fruit for Dehydrated or Aging skin. Safe for pregnant ladies and those undergoing cancer treatment.
Salicylic Glycolic :  acne/oily skin, clogged pores
Glycolic Retinol:  fine lines, dull skin, pores
Lactic/Kojic: Hyperpigmentation (brown sun spots) soothes the skin, removes dead cell-buildup.
 I recommend a Glycolic Retinol Peel followed in 2 wks with a Special Request Jessner Peel!! Great results!
Special Request: JESSNER PEEL 

You will Peel!  More advanced peel. From "Sunburn" to Peeling for about 7 days, great  resurfacing results! Please call to discuss!!!

Microdermabrasion Mechanical removes cell build-up and promotes collagen production. Includes Facial Treatment & Healing Touch Therapy  

   Chemical Peels * IMPORTANT *  May NOT use Retin A or Retinol Products for 5 days prior to peel and 5 days post peel, also no sunburn or reddened skin, diabetic  active cold sores  and no Accutane  use for  1 yr)


  • Dermaplaning               $65
             with surgical blade

 CHAKRA Clearing and Healing Therapy
 60min (after hrs).........................$65.                        
 Feeling out of balance? Combine holistic clearing 
 and energy healing. Includes  saging, Tibetan 
 Bowl Sound Therapy and Healing Touch    
 Therapy for Inner Peace. Evening hour 
 appointments  after bussiness hours.
 Questions: Call me for other  appt times.

 Cupping Therapy  60 min ......... $65.
 Removes toxins from the body and stgnation 
 in the tissue. 
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