Special Treatments:  Resurfacing Treatments help reduce the appearance 
  of pore size   All Inclusive Treatments  $75.00
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These 5 peels  cause dryness  & minor flaking
Vital C : Mild, For Hydration and Antioxidants

Salicylic Glycolic :  acne/oily skin, clogged pores

Glycolic Retinol:  fine lines, dull skin, pores

Lactic/Kojic: Hyperpigmentation (brown sun spots) soothes the skin, removes dead cell-buildup.

Perfection Peel is a moderate peel that is very effective. Recommend October - May

Special Request: JESSNER PEEL 
Stronger peel with heavier peeling. 
Recommend October - May

You will Peel!  More advanced peel. From "Sunburn" to Peeling for about 7 days, great  resurfacing results! Please call to discuss!!!


​Add On Service with Facial Appointment at 1:50pm

CHAKRA Clearing and Healing Therapy
 20 Min.........................$ 25.    
Need Attachment Removal?                    
Feeling out of balance? 
Combine holistic clearing 
 and energy healing. 

Any questions please text or call me.

Chemical Peels  *** IMPORTANT
Do not use Retin A or Retinol Products 
5 days prior to peel and 5 days post peel, 
also no sunburn or reddened skin diabetic,
 active cold sores and no Accutane (type) 
treatment in the last 1 year.

email me
29  JC Long Blvd. Ste 206 Isle of Palms, S.C.  (843) 637-0088 |   Text